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Victor and Suzanne Rosenzweig

Victor’s parents, Hyman and Dora Rosenzweig were public high school Graduates. They lived and worked so that their two boys could get an education. His father was a laborer for the US Post Office, from which he retired after 30-plus years. His mother always seemed to have two jobs, one making costume jewelry in their apartment and the other as a retail sales clerk, selling real and faux jewelry. Victor’s and his older brother Mel grew up in a government-subsidized, low rent housing “project” (Corlears Hook) on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Madison Street. After a year at City Uptown he switched to Accounting at Baruch at his Dad’s suggestion, “so you can get a job right after college”. Victor graduated in the Class of ’59 at age 20, knowing he did not like Accounting. He went on to NYU Law School (with Scholarship assistance), excelled there and found his calling and has enjoyed a long and successful career as a lawyer. Baruch gave him a great higher education for “free”. He could not have otherwise afforded a college education. He is forever grateful to Baruch for this opportunity and to his loving parents whose only goal in life was to produce two well-educated sons.That is why Victor and his wife Suzanne have created the Hyman and Dora Rosenzweig Scholarship Fund in their honor.
Scholarships associated with Victor and Suzanne Rosenzweig
  • Dora and Hyman Rosenzweig Scholarship