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The Falk Family

Charles H. Falk was the chief executive and president of the New York Board of Trade, an organization that he has been associated with since 1970. Mr. Falk was named chief executive and president of the exchange in 2003. In 1958, while still a teenager, he began working as a clerk for Czarnikow-Rionda, a sugar broker. The company’s Cuban assets were nationalized after Fidel Castro took power the next year, so it began to trade sugar from other Caribbean islands. Mr. Falk rose to become a partner in the firm. In 1982, he moved to Richco Sugar, and two years later to the Louis Dreyfus Corporation. Mr. Falk was long associated with sugar, one of the many commodities that are traded on the exchange, which opened in 1870 as the New York Cotton Exchange. It is a floor-based exchange with open-outcry trading. Mr. Falk helped engineer the merger of the New York Board of Trade and the all-electronic International Continental Exchange, a deal valued at $1 billion. The merger preserved the open-outcry trading, but it also brought electronic trading to the exchange. He is survived by his wife, Joan; 5 children; and 12 grandchildren.
Scholarships associated with The Falk Family
  • Charles H. Falk Memorial Scholarship