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Direct Marketing Club of New York

The Direct Marketing Club of New York (DMCNY) is a tristate organization that has provided support, education, and networking opportunities to direct marketers since 1926. We are a regional, professional non-profit association for all those interested in direct and digital marketing. Currently, there are 500+ companies that enjoy the benefits of being a DMCNY member. The Direct Marketing Club of New York serves to foster, advance and promote the members' charitable, educational, scientific and literary interests, as well as their understanding and application of professional direct marketing practices. Education is an integral part of our existence. In fact, part of our mission statement includes: "The Direct Marketing Club of New York will serve as an educational resource, forum for ideas, and information exchange for those whose learning or career path is, or makes use of, direct marketing." Baruch College is one of the educational institutions in the New York area that provides for a degree in marketing and we fully support that effort.
Scholarships associated with Direct Marketing Club of New York
  • Direct Marketing Club Scholarship