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Mr. Stanley Becker

Edythe was a passionate woman and curious and adventuresome. She loved so many things, music (everything from classical to Mongo Jerry); art, there wasn't a museum she didn't visit in whatever city visited, whatever city we lived, in whatever country, from the smallest, most esoteric museum to the largest, from the Cooper Hewlett to The Louvre. She loved to solve problems and find a solution, everything from rewiring a lamp to upholstering furniture, she took anatomy classes to learn to sketch, read books to learn to design and sew her children's clothing. She was a voracious reader of articles in all sorts of publications, including newspapers. And when she wrote, it was with clarity, with grammatical exactness and with her soul. (I wish she had written more.) As I said above, she is a passionate person. Stanley Becker ('55) won the major creative awards offered in the field of advertising - Cannes, Andy, Clio, One Show, Art Directors Club-while creating memorable campaigns for a variety of brands, from Wendy's to Hershey's to Toyota. Becker started as a creative group head at Dancer Fitzgerald Sample in 1970. He then became creative director, executive creative director, and finally vice chairman/chief creative officer of Saatchi & Saatchi. He has run creative departments in Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York and was responsible for over a billion dollars in billings. He has, he says, "hired, nurtured, mentored, and defended scores and scores of creative people who have earned hundreds and hundreds of awards in creative shows around the world." In 1998, he tried to retire, but they "pulled me back," Becker says ("see Al Pacino in The Godfather"). He has, now, escaped to Baruch, where he is a distinguished lecturer, "lecturing and hectoring students in Marketing 5150," which he calls "Advertising Alchemy.
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  • Edythe Becker Scholarship