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Mr. Paul B. Goodstat

The Elinor and Paul Goodstat Scholarship was created by Paul Goodstat in 2016 to memorialize his wife, Elinor. He started as an accounting major with the thought of going on to law school, but was not very good at accounting. Had an interest in government and wound up getting his degree in Public Administration from Baruch in 1959. While an undergrad, he was on the basketball team. After graduation he went into the army for six months. Paul’s wife, Elinor, passed away in November of 2014 after a 15 year fight with lymphoma. He decided to do a scholarship because he credits Baruch with making his life what it is. He understands that students struggle today like they did in his day, and was very touched by a video Baruch sent out some years back with several students telling their stories. That stuck with him.
Scholarships associated with Mr. Paul B. Goodstat
  • Elinor and Paul Goodstat Scholarship