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Mr. Larry Schultz

Marian Esther attended the University of Rhode Island (URI). After her first year, she transferred to Baruch as she preferred living in NYC. She worked summers as an accountant for her father, Harry Beck, a CPA who had also attended Baruch. She was an excellent student and graduated Baruch in Dec., 1963, with a degree in Accounting, one semester earlier than scheduled. She met Larry Schultz at URI, and married him in Feb.1964. When Larry got his ‘dream job’ with Ford Motor Co., they moved to Michigan in October 1964. Marian became ill in 1973 and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, with which her father Harry had also been afflicted. With her fighting spirit and the help of some great doctors she survived. She learned to manage her “affliction”, as she called it, and lived a normal life. She became one of the original “soccer moms” and took the children to baseball practice, soccer practice and, in the case of Deborah, dancing. In 2001, Marian was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, after two lumpectomies and radiation, she was pronounced ‘clear. Unfortunately, in July, 2005, she had trouble swallowing. She was diagnosed with squamous cell esophageal cancer. Her cancer was extremely rare, especially its location and cell type. Although she had radiation and chemotherapy, it became inoperable, partially as a result of the surgery she had for the Crohn’s thirty years earlier. She was cared for by her husband and daughter, but after a valiant struggle she succumbed to the disease.
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  • Marian Beck Schultz Scholarship