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Mr. Joseph Ficurelli

"America is about class fluidity and economic advancement. This unique American characteristic is explicitly Baruchian as well. This college gave me plentiful opportunities. Without Baruch, I don't know if I would be as successful as I am today," says alumnus Joseph Ficurelli, Esq. ('60). Baruch was a lifesaver for Mr. Ficurelli. His father was disabled; his mother worked as a seamstress to support the family. He began working at age 12 as a delivery boy to supplement the family income. Mr. Ficurelli was able to attend college only because Baruch offered free tuition. "We were not wealthy, and the opportunity that Baruch gave me allowed me to become a professional man." After earning his Baruch BBA, Mr. Ficurelli attended Harvard Law School. With his Ivy League JD in hand, he worked in private corporations in Boston and later in Phoenix. During the 1990s, Ficurelli's beloved alma mater was on the move, transforming itself into one of the most modern and technologically advanced institutions in the nation. He decided to add to the excitement with a legacy gift, an annual full-tuition scholarship. "When I was an undergraduate, I clearly remember five students who had to leave in their junior or senior years because they had to go back to work to help out their families." His scholarship was designed expressly to aid those upper-division students.
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  • Ficurelli Family Scholarship