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Mr. John J. Cuticelli, J. & Ms. Elizabeth Schuette Cuticelli

John J. Cuticelli, Jr. has been active in real estate acquisition, development, redevelopment and lending activities since 1974. He founded Racebrook Capital in 2004 and is primarily responsible for the firm’s investment and management strategy, business development and negotiations. Racebrook’s most recent venture, The ARK at JFK is a 178,000 square-foot comprehensive multi-purpose animal handling and air cargo facility at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Approved by the Board of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, The ARK at JFK will be the world’s only animal terminal and the first USDA-approved, full-service 24-hour privately owned airport quarantine facility for the import and export of horses, pets, birds, exotic animals and livestock. The $55 million project will create more than 150 jobs and garner the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey an estimated $108 million in rent over the span of the project’s 32-year lease. In addition to The ARK at JFK, Racebrook has significant experience in development, redevelopment, entitlements, property auctions management and leasing, workouts, restructuring, and debtor-in-possession lending. The Cuticelli Family scholarship is intended to reinforce the Cuticelli family’s commitment and support of New York City, its future leaders, and its public education system. As a New York City based company, we believe that a successful future depends on strong, accessible educational opportunities for the largest possible pool of students.
Scholarships associated with Mr. John J. Cuticelli, J. & Ms. Elizabeth Schuette Cuticelli
  • Cuticelli Family Scholarship