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Mr. Irwin Hausman

Abraham Goldstein was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants. In 1929, Goldstein joined the faculty at the City College of New York's School of Business and Civic Administration, now Baruch College. Goldstein taught business law for the next 73 years. He had a law practice, too, and had such a reputation for fairness that he often represented both sides in a dispute. He closed the office in the '60s, but kept on teaching. He taught at Baruch College until two weeks prior to his 104th birthday, when he passed away. Mr. Hausman established the scholarship in 1998, in honor of Mr. Goldstein’s 100th Birthday. Mr. Hausman is Of Counsel at Murtha Cullina and has extensive experience in real estate law and arbitration.
Scholarships associated with Mr. Irwin Hausman
  • Abraham Goldstein Centennial Scholarship