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Mr. Arthur Gruber

The Rita Greenberg Scholarship was created by Arthur Gruber in 2016 to memorialize his mother, Rita. Arthur grew up in the Bronx and was able to attend Baruch because of his grade point average in high school. Arthur’s father died when he was 17 and his mom was the sole wage earner and then became disabled. She was economically poor and there had been people in her life who had helped her and he felt an obligation that helping others in her name would be a fitting tribute to her. Arthur’s mother was a child of immigrant parents from Greece and one of 6 siblings. Her family was poor as well but his mother made ends meet as a terrific seamstress and salesperson. She had enrolled in Hunter College in her 40's in an attempt to get a college degree but it never came to fruition as she became sick and disabled shortly before she was 50. As a widow, she was fortunate about 10 years after his father died (at age 45) to marry a wonderful man, Max Greenberg who became Arthur’s "father".
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  • Rita Greenberg Scholarship