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Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schnell

Mr. Robert H. Schnell ’61 has been a private investor in middle market companies located in southern California since 2006. Prior to this he was the Co-Founder and Manager of Paige Premium Denim from 2004 to 2005. He was also President and Co- Founder of Fortune Casuals, a manufacturer of sportswear from 1999 to 2002. Previously, Mr. Schnell was Chairman of Cosmar Corp. and Precision Molded Plastics until their sale to Renaissance Cosmetics. He currently is on the Board of Directors for Big Dog Holdings since 1997 and Big Dog Foundation since 2008. He has been a BCF Trustee since 2003. He graduated from Baruch College in 1961 with a BBA. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife, Renee.
Scholarships associated with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schnell
  • Robert and Renee Schnell Scholarship