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Mr. and Mrs. Jay Berman

Jay entered Baruch College in 1955 and graduated in 1959. From 1959 to 1961, he attended Northwestern University and graduated with a Masters in History and Government. While at Northwestern, he was awarded a university scholarship. Jay did his doctoral studies at the University of Pittsburg, where he was a graduate teaching assistant and was awarded a Graduate Teaching Fellowship. While writing his doctoral dissertation he was awarded a Harry Truman Research Scholarship. Jay was the first Vice President for Public Affairs for Warner Communications. After ten years at Warner, he was recruited to be the Chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry of America. He served as CEO of the RIAA for ten years and left to accept an appointment by President Clinton to be Special Counsel for Trade. He is currently a Senior Advisor to KR Capital Partners, a venture fund that is focused on entertainment and technology. He serves in the same capacity for Tonio Burgos and Associates, a leading New York/Washington lobbying and consulting firm. Jay was inspired to establish the scholship by the opportunities that his free education at Baruch allowed him and from his experience as a mentor—seeing firsthand what challenges a Baruch student faces. Jay found them so highly motivated and he wanted to make it easier for students if he could.
Scholarships associated with Mr. and Mrs. Jay Berman
  • Jay and Rita Berman Scholarship