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Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation

The Newcombe Scholarships for Mature Students supports the completion of bachelor’s degrees by women who are twenty-five years of age or older who need financial assistance at selected colleges and universities. During 2015-16, Newcombe Scholarships averaging $2,858 were awarded to 665 students at thirty-seven colleges and universities. Mrs. Newcombe valued higher education, even though she never attended college; her vision was impaired from childhood and she could not read for long enough periods to make serious study possible. During her lifetime, she sent the children of several friends to college, taking a vigorous interest in their progress. In her will, she established the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation to continue her scholarship gifts. Her legacy continues under the stewardship of the Foundation’s Trustees.
Scholarships associated with Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation
  • Newcombe Scholarships for Mature Students