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Dr. Edward Dreyfus

Dr. Dreyfus has been in private practice in the Los Angeles- Santa Monica area for over 30 years working with a variety of people dealing with problems of adolescence and adult life. He is a clinical psychologist, a marriage, family, child therapist, and a certified sex therapist. He received his Doctor of philosophy degree in clinical psychology from the University of Kansas and his Master's and Bachelor's degrees from the City University of New York in 1958. In 1996, he received the "Distinguished Psychologist" award from the Los Angeles County Psychological Association. He has published extensively in professional journals and has published six books. His most recent books, Keeping Your Sanity (in and Insane World), offers a collection of practical essays for your psychological well-being and Someone Right For You: 21st Century Strategies for Finding Your Mate, offers a step-by-step program for finding an appropriate mate for you. He is active in community affairs, a member of national, state and local professional associations. He is frequently sought by the media for his expert opinion on many contemporary social and psychological issues.
Scholarships associated with Dr. Edward Dreyfus
  • Dr. Edward A. and Barbara Dreyfus Scholarship